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Pool Algaecides

Algaecides? Sometimes even a single word can be a mouthful. It’s really simple, though. An algaecide kills algae, the tiny green, yellow, pink and blue plants that grow in your pool.

Our products are effective against the whole range of algae, whatever the species, no matter the source. They also continue to work equally well no matter the pH of your pool, which can vary from day to day, hour to hour. They also play well with your other pool maintenance chemicals, not something every algaecide can claim.

Used daily, these algaecides can also help keep your pool water sparkling. Algae not only turns the pool surfaces different colors, it clouds your water due to ‘floaters’. Algaecide avoids adding to that problem by being non-foaming and non-metallic. The result is not just a cleaner, clearer pool, it’s also an odor-free swim for you.


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